Paintings for the Me Too Movement

Women, along with the rest of society, are fed up, and why shouldn’t they be?  Their core morals have been infringed upon, taken for granted and ignored for millenniums by the general public when it came to sexual harassment.  Their attempts to expose the truths of their realities have been swept under the rug because no one wanted to give this misbehavior of men, any credence or attention.  Women have been taught to accept this malady, which is another injustice that our system has imposed upon them.

It is has been the responsibility of visual artists to highlight, our pressing issues by giving them prominence.  This series of paintings shows the reactions via hand signals and body language, from some of the millennial women, who I have had the pleasure of teaching, that have lost their tolerance for men’s inappropriateness towards women.  It’s time to shed light and bring out into the open, the poor judgement on the misconduct of those men, who push themselves onto women without their consent.  A change for this sexual insubordination is long overdue and certainly necessary in order for all women to flourish to their fullest potential.  If a dog can respond to hand signals, then those men who violate women in our society should be able to do so, as well.  I would like to see this wrongful behavior corrected and my intention through my contribution of personal artwork will serve as a visual reminder, that we are imperfect and we still need to improve the world in which we live, in order for a more harmonious existence.

By Marco Cutrone