Not an end…but a new beginning

I just returned with what’s left of my paintings from the Paterson Museum.  Thankfully, a few of the paintings sold and I was also fortunate enough to earn a commissioned work by another business owner/art enthusiast as an addition to be on display on the walls of his establishment.   I would call these, highly successful results and I look forward to starting the commissioned work as soon as a few loose ends are tied.  The remaining “Sea Foam” paintings are currently on loan in a collector’s private residence while this potential buyer spends time with the paintings, determining which one feels right as the perfect accent for their space.


The exhibit at the Paterson Museum was only a success because of all the great friends and enthusiasts who turned out to show their support on the evening of the opening reception August 2nd 2012.  Todd Doney and myself felt it was a great party to celebrate the laborious end of the creation for this body of work–although, I loved every minute of it!


The opening night sets the pace as we launch the works out into the world of fine art to hold for eternity.  It feels like a great beginning for this collection of paintings for both Todds’ work as well as mine.  For an artist, this night is equivalent to a graduation as it represents the culmination of years of study, research and application on a particular subject.   I later found out that other random and curious art spectators continued to visit the show throughout its duration including guests from as far away as Australia.  It seems the exhibit was creating a buzz all on it’s own.  That’s a great success…