When inspiration is gone, one needs to explore other avenues to continue that creative cadence. Production falters as a result of an artist losing that stream of consciousness that flows from the innovative depths of one’s mind, and ultimately onto the canvas. If you’ve ever fallen victim to writer’s block during those college writing assignments, then you can directly relate to what I’m writing about. For those of us who do not have time for such a disruption in workflow, we need to find a way to put us back on track, and anything other than that, is simply one big excuse, in my opinion. As an artist, I feel that I can speak for the rest of us when I suggest that we look to the old masters for our inspiration, as that is what they would have done to get themselves back on course. Look at the expressions of Pathos, Ethos, and Eros. If you cannot find inspiration there, then look to nature. All the world’s functions are in nature, whether they are positive, negative or neutral, there is always plenty of inspiration to find in our world. The most important thing is to keep practicing even when there is no grand theme or motif present, as the correct repetition of an act will help an artist to develop skill and refine one’s craft. Through the course of that constant practice, an interesting subject matter will appear and this is what brings everything full circle. Before you know it, a cohesive body of work has been formed. From there, the possibilities are endless. The point is: keep doing what you have a deep routed passion for and you may never find yourself without inspiration to create.
One thing is for certain, I have never heard or read that any of the great masters or the fine instructors, who I’ve been fortunate enough to study under, to have ever run short on inspiration, they just kept doing what they loved.
If you keep refining your craft, inspiration will happen naturally, and if you do not, nothing at all will happen. You just need to literally, work your way out of it. The end result: You will have reached a higher plain of knowledge while your skillset has improved and your body of work and vision has broadened. I never remember feeling bored in my life, and I attribute that to my interest or passion for the arts.
There is a great, big gap between someone who is interested in doing something and someone who devotes their lives to a passion. People who are “interested” in doing something may or may not get around to putting aside some time to devote to an interest, and people who are deeply committed to a passion will forfeit all excuse and stop at nothing to be the best that they can possibly be. That is directly due to a deep-rooted passion and respect for themselves, and for what they do, as they will never be bored or out of inspiration from pursuing their work.

Remember: “If you do what you love, You’ll never work a day in your life.”

~ Marc Anthony