• Angel Series

    Date: 22.10.2018 by Marco Cutrone

    Every now and again, life is unfair.  It can make you want to wave the white flag and force you into submission to avoid bearing any further hardships. In this […]

  • Paintings for the Me Too Movement

    Date: 12.03.2018 by Marco Cutrone

    Women, along with the rest of society, are fed up, and why shouldn’t they be?  Their core morals have been infringed upon, taken for granted and ignored for millenniums by […]

  • Inspiration

    Date: 07.09.2015 by Marco Cutrone

    When inspiration is gone, one needs to explore other avenues to continue that creative cadence. Production falters as a result of an artist losing that stream of consciousness that flows […]

  • Death Becomes Her

    Date: 06.02.2013 by marco

    ­As a result of my last show at the Paterson Museum, I was fortunate enough to be commissioned to do a large painting by a benevolent and philanthropic local business […]

  • Not an end…but a new beginning

    Date: 17.09.2012 by marco

    I just returned with what’s left of my paintings from the Paterson Museum.  Thankfully, a few of the paintings sold and I was also fortunate enough to earn a commissioned […]

  • Getting ready for The Paterson Museum Show

    Date: 16.07.2012 by marco

    I am painting feverishly to complete my latest body of work for the upcoming Paterson Museum show!   The paintings are nearly done but I can already see that I won’t […]

  • Variations on a theme…

    Date: 03.06.2012 by marco

    After I finish one theme on a complete body of work, I have to think of another. Believe me, that is a task that is easier said than done.  The […]

  • The Process, The Beginning

    Date: 29.04.2012 by marco

    I hope to bring you some thoughts about my work as I move along from inspiration to action…stay tuned!

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      Welcome to my website...look around and enjoy as I prep my canvas, mix some color and get to work creating more for you to enjoy! Check back often--I will be hanging more paintings in my gallery and hope you will be delighted and inspired... Marco

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