Angel Series

Every now and again, life is unfair.  It can make you want to wave the white flag and force you into submission to avoid bearing any further hardships. In this way, the creation of art can be therapeutic to the artist as well as the viewer.   Recently, a series of events have occurred, affecting me in a way that the consequences may not reveal themselves for decades to come.  Everyone suffers from time to time, some to a greater degree than others.  It’s just a fact of life that people die or disappoint throughout our given lifetime.  In Buddhism, it is said that disappointment comes when we expect something in return for an act of kindness.  That gesture may never materialize, and we should not await such reciprocity.  To avoid feeling like this, we should simply not anticipate anything in return for a kind act toward another.  It’s never easy to prepare ourselves for the death of a loved one. The best we can do is to honor that person by living our life to the fullest.  As human beings, we need to endure the pain that life and death bestow on us, and we somehow find the way to go on.

An artist needs to paint these life experiences and convey the message of human behavior and reaction towards the inevitable.  My goal is to offer an inspirational, visual message through my passion for painting.  In creating this cohesive body of work, I hope to touch those who have shared this kind of loss and provide the therapeutic outlet that so many of us need.
Angels are the most loyal and dependable beings of divine light. Over the centuries, angels have been depicted as messengers and protectors that provide hope. This is an important series of paintings that is dedicated to those angels in our lives who provide us with hope time after time, during any given crisis. Whether this person is a significant other, relative, friend, publicist, teacher, these angels of hope come in many forms and from a multitude of diverse individuals.  In this series of paintings, I pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to my life in a positive manner, those who continually succeed in guidance and support.
I thank each and every one of those trustworthy souls in my life and especially my rock, Karen, who never stops believing in me.

By Marco Cutrone